Frequently Asked Questions

how soon can we get it?

We’re all moving at record pace and we know you need answers yesterday.  We pride ourselves on getting you the information you need, as quickly as possible.  Our teams are small, and laser focused, so we can get you that budget, seating chart, CAD drawing, set rendering and crew list lightning fast!

nothing scares us

Live remotes across the world, balloons dropping from the ceiling?  Bring it!  We’ve successfully executed the most complicated moments on stage and we can’t wait to do the same for you. Our team approach to every event inspires creative thinking and the best planning, so rest assured that we’ve thought through every eventuality.  We love the impossible!

have passport, will travel

We get upgraded a lot.  That’s because we’ll go anywhere – anytime.  Chicago is our home, but we love to travel to exotic ballrooms and venues across the country or across the globe.  And one major perk of traveling is the outstanding production professionals we meet along the way.  Whenever we get the chance, we’ll add local team members to not only save on costs but to offer their unique perspective.

“no” is not in our vocabulary

Yes, the ceiling is low.  Yes, there are a lot of poles.  Yes, it would be nice to have a two-day load in.  We realize not every situation is ideal, but you’ll never hear NO from us.  We have worked in some of the most unique places…in tents, boats, barns, airplane hangars, fashion runways, rooftops, golf courses,  press rooms, convention floors – you name it!  We’ve certainly learned a few things along the way, offering you solutions to the most complicated set-ups.

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