Whether live or recorded, we provide webcast and broadcasting services for local and global events.

Getting computers to talk, networks to connect, and files to link has never been more complicated.  Whether it’s public facing or through your private network, we have the gear and know-how to help you. From audio and video webcasts with a remote presenter, to live PowerPoint and Q&A, rely on us to provide everything you need, start to finish! We’re glad to help!

We’re the one-stop shop for your next event. We handle everything from creative strategy and development to the final delivery of event services and equipment.

  • creative ideas
  • writing
  • production
  • graphics
  • videos
  • teleprompting
  • on-site gear
  • on-site execution
  • web-casting

We carry state-of-the-art equipment as well as other services.

  • video
  • lighting
  • audio
  • projection
  • sets
  • drape
  • cameras
  • web encoding

We work with the best people in this industry – senior level, experienced, and innovative creative professionals. We have what you need! If your event takes place at a union venue in Chicago, our strong, long-term relationships with the unions will ensure a successful show.

  • writers
  • producers
  • graphic operators
  • technical directors
  • projectionists
  • camera operators
  • video engineers
  • lighting designers
  • audio engineers
  • teleprompter operators
  • encoding engineers

If you’re looking to create a live (in-person or virtual) experience or recorded content, we can help create the perfect environment!

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