We are skilled professionals who have successfully managed thousands of meetings and events, big and small, domestic and international.

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This team is beyond words. You know what to do and how to do it safely. Today, your team impacted more than 15,000 front-line managers. You delivered. Your commitment and positive attitude go a long way and are noticed.

P.L., McDonald’s Corporation , Corporation

These days will ‘make a ring in your tree’ that won’t be forgotten! You didn’t blink or think twice and knew what to do and how to do it safely. To pull this off, with all the last minute changes, was amazing!

C.K., NABIT, McDonald’s , Corporation

For two decades, Event Technology has been my preferred choice for high-quality, audio-visual services. ET consistently provides outstanding services, with impressive results. ET is my number one choice!

A.A. , Event Director & President of Eventscape, Inc.


Getting computers to talk, networks to connect, and files to link has never been more complicated.  Whether public-facing or through your private network, we have the know-how and gear to help you succeed.  You crafted an important message and chose a great venue…now, select the best technology and staging for your critical presentation.
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We handle it all
  • creative
  • writing
  • pre-production
  • production
  • graphics
  • video
  • teleprompter
  • on-site gear and execution
  • webcasts
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Our equipment is state-of-the-art
  • lighting
  • audio
  • projection
  • sets
  • drape
  • cameras
  • web encoding
Our experienced, innovative, creative professionals are the best in the business and we have strong relationships with local unions to ensure a smooth, successful show.
  • writers
  • producers
  • graphic artists
  • technical directors
  • projectionists
  • camera operators
  • video and audio engineers
  • lighting designers
  • teleprompter operators
  • encoding engineers

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We're proud to work "behind the scenes" to make you the "star of the show"!

We’ve worked successfully on domestic and international events, on modest projects and extravaganzas. Our clients are varied, from small businesses to Fortune 10, in many different industries.


Does Event Technology provide technicians to operate its equipment?

Event Technology provides state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to enable companies to support their communication goals.  Along with this equipment, ET has Technical Directors who flawlessly operate the gear and provide high-end consultation to clients.

Event Technology works with many prestigious clients; is ET expensive?

Event Technology works with budgets both large and modest.  We have guided technology for shows with audiences of 20,000 and meetings with 10 people.  We tailor our budgets and remain flexible working with our clients.

My project surfaced yesterday; can I get insights and budget estimates fast?

ET will provide consultation and budget estimates to you quickly.  We’ve been successfully helping clients for years and we’re very aware that, often, your deadlines are not actually yours!  We will help.

Does Event Technology operate both nationally and internationally?

Travel has become more demanding recently, and traveling with loads of equipment, even more so. ET has been shipping, trucking, flying, and transporting gear and staff around the U.S. and the world for a long time.  We’re very good at it. Very good.

Are there areas or venues ET cannot work?

We understand constraints; we’ve worked every type of venue imaginable, and that experience allows us to offer you brilliant solutions to very complicated set-ups. We got it.

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