Not done until it’s perfect

“It was already an exhausting 12-hour day with back-to-back rehearsals, endless changes, and talent that decided to take a later flight. Having been in the graphics room most of the day, I did not see the apron drape above the main screen for the event. Although I had approved the drape, I realized I didn’t like it when I saw it. With the show the next day, I was not going to mention it, but the Event Technology staff knew I wasn’t 100% happy so they added more drape to make it right. I will never forget how they intuitively […]

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Mac Mini Mania

We once configured hundreds of Apple Mac Minis in one ballroom for a training session.

We were not only congratulated for making that Apple store the highest selling store for minis globally, but we also were able to make one of their technicians part of our team.

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